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Review: Chocolate and Sangria

Tonight we enjoyed two goodies:

Trader Joe's Dark Chocolate Orange Peel 56% Cocoa -- This is a yummy little candy bar at 1.4 oz. The chocolate is dark and creamy, not bitter, really a nice choice when you have people who don't like dark and people who don't like milk sharing a bar. The orange peel is crunchy little candied bits, also not bitter, and very orangey. I would not mind getting this again even though I'm neither a fan of dark chocolate nor orange peel. Recommended.

Sangría Señorial -- This is a nonalcoholic sangria. I've had the regular kind and just was not impressed. But this has all the yummy parts of wine without the sour/bitter notes or the burn of alcohol. It's also way better than the nonalcoholic wine I've tried. It's a deep red-brown color, fizzy like soda, and just a little sweet. It doesn't taste quite like soda or like wine, or even like grape juice. It's really its own thing. We got this from a guy who works at a local Mexican restaurant, and he warned us that it takes a minute or two to get used to the flavor, so give it a few sips before deciding whether or not you like it. It reminds me a bit of the oddball Italian flavors. I have to wonder if this sangria would mull well, and I'm quite sure it would be spectacular in the many "punch" and "wassail" blends that call for wine or sherry. So this has become our favorite replacement for wine. If you need a nonalcoholic celebratory beverage, I highly recommend this one.
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