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Sunday Yardening

Today is sunny and warm.  I moved four wild chives that had wandered out in the field to my septic garden.  I also transplanted three different types of penstemon into the wildflower garden.  I still have a bunch of stuff left to plant, though. 

I saw a young rabbit today, so they're well into breeding season.  They've eaten most of my tulips, but haven't touched any of the alliums.

Birds are out everywhere.  Lots of cardinals and blackbirds flying around.  :D

EDIT 4-29-18: I planted prairie onion, nodding onion, and northern sea oats in the wildflower garden.

We also saw an unfamiliar bird, very small with a blue-gray top and white belly, with white edges on the tail, often held up like a wren's.  I think it was a blue-gray gnatcatcher.  Apparently they are widespread but not very common in most places, although they can congregate in large numbers.

EDIT 4-29-18:  I planted another penstemon, a butterfly weed, and a yellow coneflower in the wildflower garden.  As it is now dark, I am done for the night.
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