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Content Notes for "Desperate Measures"

Here are the content notes for the poem "Desperate Measures."

(These links are intense.)
A mass casualty incident is one where the number of casualties exceeds the personnel and/or supplies available to treat them. It doesn't take a huge number -- a handful will do it if you only have one medic and a couple of beds. This requires special planning to handle critical resource shortages. It's also important to account for sudden peaks in demand. A few local-American hospitals have a proper surge plan, but many do not. Read about how one hospital developed a surge plan and see what it looks like. Terramagne has much wider use of surge plans. T-America requires them for emergency services such as hospitals, police, and fire departments. Kraken uses them too, although theirs have more military roots.

Time travel tropes include the Human Popsicle and Fish Out Of Temporal Water. There is no manipulation of the timestream itself, only some means of allowing the characters to skip over some part of it.

Transgender history includes the era of World War I. Some women have always dressed as men to go to war, and they likely include inherently transgender people as well as those for whom it is simply a means to an end. Note that militaries get a lot less picky about enlistees during a big war, especially when they start running low on troops, which makes it easier for women to sneak in. There are general tips for supporting transgender people, as well as best practices for medics.

The eislanze originally produced two different types of ice attacks, bolts and beams. Oskar modified it to create a sphere of cryostasis. A key difference between ordinary ice and super ice is that super ice typically causes no damage.

Ymir is a mythological ice giant. Germany has long had a fascination with the occult, including around WWI and WWII.

(Some of these links are difficult.)
Panic is an overwhelming form of fear. Understand how to stop a panic attack of your own or help someone else through one. Exercises in deep breathing often help.

(So are these.)
A phobia of death can be debilitating, and it's not a rare thing to develop after trauma. There are ways to cope with it. Know how to help someone else face their fear of dying.

This body map shows where people can touch each other. Medics often need more access than their clients are really comfortable with. In such situations, it helps to warn people before moving or touching, and to touch a less-personal part such as a hand before moving to more-personal parts.

"The German physician Honigman served in this body, and he was the first to coin the term “war neurosis” [Kriegsneurose] in 1907 for what was previously called “combat hysteria” and “combat neurasthenia”; also, he stressed the similarity between these cases and those reported by Oppenheim after railway accidents."

Ja, bitte.
1. bitte
⇒ (yes,) please (acceptance) (ja,) bitte (enthusiastic), oh ja, gerne
⇒ please pass the salt, ⇒ pass the salt, pleasewürden Sie mir bitte das Salz reichen?
⇒ may I? -- please do! darf ich? -- bitte sehr!
-- English-German Dictionary

In Terramagne-America, the medical status of "guarded" is more precisely used than it is in L-America. It means that the patient's condition is not healthy, currently stable, but nobody knows yet whether it will get better or worse. They are still in some danger and require medical supervision. They may be conscious or unconscious. The prognosis balances hope and caution. A colloquial phrase is "not out of the woods yet."

(These links may be upsetting.)
Difficult conversations are an inevitable part of life. There are general guidelines for everyday use, and medics should get special training in how to deliver bad news.

Euryale Excursions is a branch of Kraken involved in scientific exploration and research. They field a number of ships in the polar waters and other areas.

Euryale (/jʊəˈraɪəli/; Greek: Εὐρυάλη "far-roaming"), in Greek mythology, was the second eldest of the Gorgons, the three sisters that have the hair of living, venomous snakes.
-- Wikipedia

Anahita Hospital Ships is a Kraken company that refurbishes ships into floating hospitals and then deploys them where needed. Due to the nonstandard risk assessment of many supervillains, these are the only medical support in some of the more hazardous parts of the world.

Anahita, the divinity of 'the Waters' (Aban) and hence associated with fertility, healing and wisdom.
-- Wikipedia

Kraken was founded during World War I by Hans Löwe, captain of the German U-boat ÜS-2 (nicknamed Njörun) and Richard Truett, captain of the U.S. submarine R-7 (nicknamed Apotamkin). Their two ships were the only survivors out of a devastating battle off the coast of Normandy, France. It left them beached among the Chausey Islands and dependent on each other for their continued survival.

Esperanto was invented by Ludwik Lejzer Zamenhof. You can learn it online.
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