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Three Weeks for Dreamwidth

It's just around the corner! Do you have any ideas for celebrating the anniversary of Dreamwidth?   Watch the community [community profile] three_weeks_for_dw too.

Here are some of mine.

Look at the things
done in previous years on Three Weeks for Dreamwidth, and at other
community-building activities. Some years, it has just asked people to
write anchor posts, and that's what I often do. Last year I did a lot of
collecting recipe links. Another year I did a big series on nonsexual
intimacies that people still stumble across and enjoy. I have a few saved
up for this year. Just having a bunch of folks post something every day
is good for a flurry of activity and making new friends.

Another option is to give daily prompts. Some things that usually play well include:

* Self-introduction.
* Friending meme.
* Love meme.
* Recommend some of your own best work.
* Recommend three favorite works by another person.
* Comment on the post of another participant in the festival.

Holiday posts can be fun. Here are lists of April-May holidays.

Consider seasonal activities, like writing about or posting pictures of your yard, garden, a park in your area, etc.

Current events make good discussions. You can
spin this into several days if you break it down by topics such as
Environment, Arts & Culture, Politics, Famous People, etc.

Some Dreamwidth-specific and general blogging things might include:
* Announce Three Weeks for Dreamwidth on another service(s) you frequent and invite folks there to visit you here. Include a link to the signup page in case
anyone wants to join.
* Post about your DW history: how you found it, how long you've been here, etc.
* What do you like best about DW? What would you most like to change?
* Community promotion. What communities do you host on DW? Which ones do you belong to that are run by other people?
* Friends promotion. Who are your favorite DW bloggers and why? What kinds
of stuff do they post?
* Clean up your blog day. Remove broken links, touch up your display if it's out of date, etc.
* List your recurring post types (e.g. Follow Friday) or if you don't have any, choose one to start up. I have Monday Updates, Good News, Hard Things, Cuddle Party, and Emotional Intimacy. Lots of people have What I'm Reading/Watching.
* Describe your blog metaphor. Is it your living room, a classroom, an
office, a park, a street fair, a coffeehouse, something else?
* List the topics and type of content you routinely cover in your blog. If there are things you prefer to avoid, you can include those too.

Also, some festivals put up a post each day with the prompt or at least the date, so everyone participating can comment when they've done the thing. Then you
can find all the posts just by scrolling through the comments. It's better
than using tags alone because people can put a little more description
like "Here is my blog content post (link). I post original fiction,
photos, and current events from Illinois." You can even go through and
visit the blogs of other participants who sound interesting.

We gained a lot of folks on DW from the Russian Exodus -- LJ is much quieter these days. Almost my whole audience moved here. But not everyone had a ton of people to move with, and it can be hard to find new connections. So picking up on that
later can be very helpful. Even if all someone does is a few festivals
per year, that's activity, and some folks get in the habit of posting and
stick with it.
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