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Location Notes for "Bitter Ice"

These are the location notes for the poem "Bitter Ice."

The Geco Snapper is a 68.41-meter research/survey vessel. See the small floor plans in JPG or large ones in PDF. This is the hull plate. The bridge has many consoles for guiding the ship. This is the office. The galley has a large pantry, both near the mess hall. The small sickbay has one gurney and one exam bed, along with medical equipment. The lounge has a pit group and plain tables, while the rec room has gameboard tables along with books and other amusements.

The captain enjoys the largest quarters with an ensuite head, followed by the officer quarters. The crew share bunkrooms and a common head.

A large workshop allows the crew to make or repair things as needed. This is the launch ramp for the crew transport Dione.


The Dione is a 9.9-meter crew transport. See her floor plan.

In mythology, Dione is a sea goddess or sea nymph.

* * *

The Yemaya is an 80-meter hospital ship with multiple decks. The bridge is lined with windows. The captain has a private office separate from the ship's office. Recreation opportunities include the library recreation room, and gym.

The captain has a large cabin with a full-size bed, a desk and chair, a television, a coffee table, and a couch. The captain's private head includes a toilet, sink, and jacuzzi bathtub with shower.

Officers and senior medics have a private cabin with a bunk, a desk and chair, shelves, a minifridge, and a large locker. Most crew members sleep in a cabin with four bunks, a tiny desk and stool, a bulletin board, and a television.

Couples can use one of the cabins that is like a tiny apartment. Instead of bunks they have a full-size hide-a-bed couch. Single or double portable cots may be added to the double cabin for guests. This type of cabin also has an ensuite head.

The galley has a giant pantry. Here is the food service line in the mess hall. The public heads are nearby.

Hospital facilities include the pre-op room, X-ray room, Operating Room 1 / Emergency Room, Operating Room 2, and post-op intensive care room. Large groups of patients may be kept in the ward room. There are also private patient rooms with their own head.

This is the dental suite. Here is the lift for mass casualty supplies.

In mythology, Yemaya is the orisha of the ocean and healing.

* * *

German U-boats came in a number of classes. Compare the U-31 class U-boat with the British Astute class submarine. Many U-boats sank during World War I, and occasionally one is rediscovered. Life on board was difficult, but they were devastatingly effective in battle.

Here is the U-boat found in the ice. The crew varied depending on the class of the U-boat. The radioman also served as the medic. See the uniforms worn on U-boats.

* * *

This map shows Antarctica in relation to South America. Here is the Antarctic Peninsula. This is a closeup of the ice shelves.

The U-boat is found in the Larsen B Ice Shelf. The Larsen Ice Shelf has been disintegrating, as shown in this map. Surface melt and fissures make the area treacherous.
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