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Thoughts on Fanfic

Here's a long spiel about the creativity and oppression of fanfic

I look at that, and I'm just like ... people care about this?  So much of it is about what other people think.  Me, I write what I want to write and I write what I want to read.  If other folks don't like it, fuck 'em, the bookstore is that way.  Go read something else.  The only thing that happens if someone bitches about my work is I don't show them more of it and I tune them out.  If I hear the same thing pointed out as a flaw by several different people, I might consider working on that; but people telling me I'm not allowed to write things?  Fuck the hell off.

And that's really the branch of fandom I came up in.  The people who launched the Kirk/Spock thing.  The furries where "Hi, wanna fuck?" is a perfectly acceptable greeting.  The people who thought it was funny when a tween girl wore a "Dragon Bait" t-shirt and then, several years later, wrote "This is an old shirt" on the back.  The ones who wrote man/mare centaurs.  The ones who sat on the floor, wrote on napkins, were generally weird.  What would be the point of complaining about someone else's preferred type of protagonists?  I knew gay writers who never wrote straight characters.  So what?  It's their hobby.

Don't let anyone tell you what not to write.  Tell ALL the stories!
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