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Dance Videos

A friend of mine sent me links to a couple of dance videos.

The first is the best ragdoll performance I have ever seen.  The girl spends most of the dance either completely limp or partially limp, which is extremely difficult to do in a controlled manner.  While it looks like the guy is manhandling her, his job is to provide the base balance and extra force for the moves.  They're actually working in perfect concert; the teamwork is epic.  \o/  The results are hilarious, so don't watch this with your mouth full.  It's amazing slapstick humor.

Here we have a pole-dancing ballerino.  I am a great admirer of pole dancing because it requires great strength, flexibility, and artistry.  It's rare to see a man do a pole dance, and I've never seen in it done with ballet before, but this is a stunning example of how the pole is just a prop and you can dance it any way you want.  It doesn't have to be slutistry, although that is an impressive form.  And the results of the ballet are smokin' hot too, if you like guy bodies.
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