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My Birthday Present Is Already Delicious

my_partner_doug is making the quiche with duck bacon, duck eggs, and asiago fresco.  :D  He brought me some of the freshly cooked duck bacon to sample.  It is thick, tender, and delicious.  Totally worth what we paid for it, and this only used 4 strips so there's more than half the package left for something else.  If you like duck and/or bacon, definitely give this stuff a try. 

EDIT 4/3/18: Now he has brought me a sliver of asiago fresco.  It is white, creamy, and quite sharp -- as if aged cheddar and mozzeralla had gotten together to make marvelous babies.  \o/  We are so buying this again.

EDIT 4/3/18: The quiche turned out very solid, custardy ... not quite cheesecake like but close.  Possibly the asiago fresco contributed to that texture, although I noticed last time that duck eggs seem to set up a little different than chicken ones do.  Some of the duck bacon sank and some floated.  It was all extremely tasty.
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