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Today's Adventures

Today being my birthday, we went up to Champaign for food and shopping.  This was a half-good idea.  I wanted us to do something on my actual birthday, since the big family meal got bumped to next weekend.  But it's Easter Sunday, which meant a majority of places in town were closed.  :/  Also it snowed, a very wet sticky snow driven by a raw wind.  This was not the worst (heavier snow, torrential rain, howling wind) that I've ever had, but it was not fun to walk through.

However!  We tried out the Treehugger sandwich with mozzerella cheese, tomatoes, and basil pesto at Cracked.  It was the perfect grilled cheese sandwich for a snowy spring day: a hot, vivid green reminder of life.  :D

It took us a while to find a place to shop, the mall being closed.  But that led us to, of all places, Rural King -- where I found something I've been hunting for months.  They had deep v-neck t-shirts in various colors, for $5 each.  So I bought one of each color that I liked.  \o/  These I can wear under sweatshirts or flannels without the neck showing.  I don't know why, but modern v-necks are basically crew-necks that come to a shallow point.  They are supposed  to be a deep notch so they don't show at the collar of a shirt.   So I got black, gray, white, medium blue, turquoise, and soft purple.

Our original intent had been to revisit the Thai ice cream place for a mixed fruit ice cream, but today was totally not the day for ice cream.  :/  So we tracked down a place that had hot apple pie instead.  :D  That was awesome.  Doug got a slice of peanut butter pie for himself, which was very peanutty.

While driving around a parking lot, we spotted some waterbirds.  There were the usual Canada geese and some mallard ducks.  Then I spotted a small black duck with a light bill.  I couldn't find an exact match online, but looking at pictures, I think it may actually have been an American coot.  They look very ducklike while swimming.

We also stopped by Enchantment Alley, where I found another thing I've been hunting: a smoke bottle.  Mine is deep green with a dragon on it.  A smoke bottle is basically an ordinary bottle with one or more holes drilled in the side for ventilation, and a ring to hold a stick of incense.  You light the incense, put the ring on the unlit end, then put it in the bottle with the lit end down.  The ash all lands inside the bottle.

At Harvest Market, we picked up some asiago fresco cheese and duck eggs for making a quiche with the duck bacon, and some gourmet mushroom and swiss hamburgers for supper tonight.

All in all, it wasn't quite the trip we planned, but it turned out quite well.  :D
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