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Jewish Communal Trauma

[personal profile] gingicat shared an article about Pesach (Passover) and the Haggadah reading.  It talks about the indoctrination of PTSD, or more precisely, transgenerational trauma which is a type of collective trauma.  Various studies have shown that the Holocaust left not just a grave psychological imprint, but also a genetic one.

This dovetails with a previous discussion about Israel's behavior in which a Jewish reader posted about how a history of persecution shapes the policies of Israel.

One of the worst effects of traumatic stress is that it fucks over your ability to adapt.  You come up with coping techniques that help you survive the trauma, but if your situation improves afterwards, then readjusting to that new circumstance is difficult or impossible.  My favorite diagram of the problem is this chart about correct distrust.  When reliability is low, trust should be low: correct distrust.  When reliability is high, trust should be high: correct trust.  The problem with traumatic stress is it destroys the ability to trust, so that as the situation improves, the person becomes under-trusting.  Then rebuilding trust becomes a difficult, tedious process that lags behind and may never regain accuracy.  It doesn't just affect the primary victim, but also everyone around them -- like, say, Palestine.  :/

I'll just throw in my Safety Tracker here, in case anyone needs a tool for measuring the objective and subjective levels of safety in their life.
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