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Estimating Travel Times

This article says that people avoid biking or walking to work or school because they have trouble estimating how long it will take them to travel that far in that mode.  I was just boggled.  Who estimates  something important like that?  If I needed to go somewhere important, I scouted the route in advance and timed it so I would know.  At times when I was routinely walking or biking, I knew about how far I could go in a given time, so I could use that to gauge a different destination; not something I did a lot of, but I could do it.  My partner, who handles most of our driving logistics, is quite good at getting us places on time.  If people don't think of scouting a route and timing it, well, no wonder they're afraid to try other travel modes!  That just seems like such a basic skill to me, I'm surprised people have lost it.  0_o
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