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Today's Adventures

We drove a couple hours out to Springfield today, as an early birthday trip for me.  On the road, we saw a round barn under construction.  That's an old style, so I'm pleased to see someone continuing it.

We started at White Oaks Mall.  While the physical layout is poorly designed in various ways -- including insufficient bathrooms, an "accessible" lower sink with no kneespace, and several restaurants facing only outwards -- the complement of stores is quite charming.  We ate lunch at Five Guys, which makes delicious hamburgers; I had mine with grilled mushrooms.  Later we got pretzel bites with cream cheese.  The mall had several galleries displaying work by many local artists.  That's typical of Terramagne-America, where malls often have a shop for local crafters.  I never did find something there that was the right combination of appealing imagery, decent price, and somewhere to put it but I greatly enjoyed browsing them.  At another store, I found several boxes of incense, along with a Celtic knotwork shirt for Doug at a very nice price for something so lavishly decorated.  The coolest thing I saw, which I did not get for lack of anywhere to put it, was a splendid rainbow rug.  Another convenience was having markers on the floor by the entrances that showed the length of various routes for a mall walkers club; it's nice to see somewhere supporting that.

After the mall, we went to Humphrey's Market, which has a meat counter with exotic meats.  We picked up a pound of ground elk to make an elkloaf, which was one of the things I hoped to find; and a pound of applewood-smoked duck bacon, which I did not even know of before I saw it, but sounds very exciting.  I really look forward to cooking these up later.
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