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African Grains

Africa has dozens of native grains and cultivars derived from them which differ from European or American ones.  These have been staples in the past, and some still are.  They just don't get as much attention as the more famous types.  But in the face of climate change, they offer great promise because they thrive and produce food from poor dry soils -- whereas the more popular types require much better conditions.

Of these, I've only had the chance to try tef in the form of injera.  It is quite tasty, and was worth spending an afternoon tearing through every cookbook in the house because I had once seen a recipe in one of them "somewhere" and a friend had obtained some tef he wanted to cook up.  I have since had it in restaurants a time or two.  If you like the robust, tangy flavor of sourdough or other fermented breads, you will probably like the tangy taste of injera too.
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