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We got more birdseed yesterday, so I went out and fed the birds.  Today is mild and wet.  They're highly active, but not so much at the feeders.  They're hopping around the yard looking for fresh food and splashing in the puddles.  I saw lots of robins bounding about.  Some cardinals.  A pair of mourning doves flew over my head crying "WOE, WOE!" -- not a sound they often make.  Usually it's the soft "hoo-OOO, hoo, hoo, hoo."  I've seen house finches several times; perhaps they will stay and nest this summer.  We don't get them every year.  Rabbits everywhere.  I've seen a fox squirrel at the feeder repeatedly, though not today.

The grass is greening.  More plants are leafing out, or have swelling buds like the lilacs.  Scilla is starting to bloom.  There's a sizable patch of naturalized snowdrops along the wild cherry grove in the savannah.
Tags: birdfeeding, gardening, illinois, nature, personal, wildlife

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