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Torn World Muse Fusion

The Torn World Muse Fusion is running March 25-31.  Leave prompts, claim prompts, write or make art -- whatever you wish.

What I Have Written

Layla Lawlor's prompt requested characters for a Slunai town, so I made three new ones:
* Fubaru is the oldest man in the Slunai lake town of Ruriianar, and most people look up to him.
* Ilgaa is a successful fisherwoman in the Slunai lake village of Itafar.
* Abelmu is a young Slunai man from Ruriianar, who seeks to rebuild the lost town on the lakeshore.

Ruriianar is actually the historic name for the town before the falling barriers changed the climate for the worse.  Itafar is the contemporary name given by the Empire.

A prompt from PeggyB inspired the free-verse poem "Following the Trails." Lilqi lives in the Central Breida Mountains, where the traveling teacher Yimaara visits the scattered tribes. But occasional lessons aren't enough for Lilqi; she wants more.  
230 lines, Buy It Now = $115

I also made character sheets for Lilqi and Yimaara.

From My Prompts
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