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Clue started out as a period tracking app and has recently added a website. If you have a uterus, it's worth checking out.

Clue’s editorial site officially launched earlier this month. In an intro post, “Why we made a website,” Cormier wrote:

[It] sometimes feels like the internet is telling you that you are pregnant, dying, or both. Or that your complicated question about a menstrual symptom has a too-simple answer. The available resources usually go one of two ways: reputable and well-researched but sterile; or empathetic and caring, but lacking evidence.

There’s a lot of mistrust in many of the “reputable” resources, and for good reasons. The medical establishment has made women feel like their health issues aren’t real. That their pain is imagined, that birth control side effects are inevitable and to be tolerated. Diagnoses for very common conditions and illnesses like PCOS or endometriosis come too late or not at all.

On the other end of the spectrum, hundreds of health coaches, wellness gurus, communities, and independent publishers offer empathy and empowerment, but little consensus or transparency about what informs the advice, and what the financial incentives are for providing it…

We want to help close the knowledge gap about the menstrual cycle — with information that’s accessible, serious, scientific, and empathetic.

We use the best available evidence to dive into topics that have long been ignored or misunderstood. Any health information we publish here has been rigorously fact-checked and edited.
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