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Moment of Silence: Stephen Hawking and Poem: "Stardust to Stardust"

Stephen Hawking has passed away. He has been the greatest mind on Earth for many years.

I wrote this elegy and I'm still crying. Actually, just get the whole box of kleenex.

"Stardust to Stardust"
-- elegy for Stephen Hawking, January 8, 1942-March 13 2018

Cry me a river, cry

the Milky Way
running silent,
running deep

the Song of the Spheres
hushed, its greatest voice
gone breathless.

Schrodinger's cat
yowls, pacing around
the event horizon, and
paws a wormhole open.

Spirit wings clap,
cupping the solar wind,
climbing higher
and away.

Cry me a river, cry

throwing nebula blossoms
on a space-black coffin
lower the flag to half-mast.

The brightest mind is gone,
matter become energy once more,

ashes to ashes,
stardust to stardust,

to become sunlight again.
Tags: moment of silence, poem, science, weblit

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