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Birds in Snow

Here is a lovely video of birds in snow, billed as Dog TV, that runs 8 hours.  It doesn't say in the video, but the location seems to be UK based on this page of garden birds.  The European robins are ubiquitous and I spotted the jays around 30:50.  Video is credited to "Wildlife in Cornwall."

This kind of thing is all over Terramagne; it's easy to find long tapes of beautiful nature scenes.  Some quiet rooms show this kind of programming, as the nature sounds help cover up background noise.  It's very soothing for most folks.  Back when I was doing homework, I used to play nature programs in the background, because the subtle changes of sound helped me stay awake; this would've worked better.
Tags: a little slice of terramagne, birdfeeding, nature, networking, video, wildlife
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