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Today's Adventures

We up to visit my parents today, and had a lot of fun.  We stopped at Harvest Market on the way up and got some blue cheese hamburgers.  I'm not actually a fan of blue cheese, but I do like trying new things.  It's more of a cream cheese flavor, and thus agreeable.  We also went to Home Depot.  Special thanks to the folks who recommended a mold-killing product for our back bathroom; we found something that should kill mold, mildew, and bacteria.  \o/  They also had a moisture-absorbing packet and quite a nice selection of carpet sprinkles, which we also bought.

For supper we went to Red Lobster.  It's Lobsterfest right now, so by all means catch it if you can.  I got the Lobster Truffle Macaroni and Cheese, which is delicious.  You can actually taste the cheese, garlic, truffle, and lobster all distinctly.  Most highly recommended.  Doug recommends the New Orleans Salmon with Cajun spices.  We were too full for dessert, so decided to stop in Champaign for that.  This is a good thing. 

Afterwards, we stopped at Paris Super for dessert.  This place makes crepes and Thai ice cream.  It was mind-blowing.  This is the kind where they spread the batter on a coldplate and scrape it into curls.  Eventually.  It starts with fresh whole ingredients, which I wasn't expecting, and the performance was $6 worth of entertainment before we even got the ice cream.  You get to pick toppings, but they weren't what I expected either.  The graham crackers were in sections, not crushed.  The pocky sticks were whole too.  Someone else ordered the marshmallow that was not the fluff I expected, but a whole marshmallow that the cook pulled out a blowtorch to crisp.  So I will be ordering that another time!  The whole toppings are then used to create little miniature sculptures, very artistic, instead of just dumping piles of things over ice cream.  I continue to be impressed by the way Asian cultures take a slapped-together piece of junk food and turn it into edible art. 

And then it was delicious ice cream, too.  We got the banana nutella flavor this time.  (I am curious about the taro.  They have freaking durian too, but I'm not touching that.)  We will assuredly go back for more.  I did note that this ice cream is very stiff at first, difficult to cut with a plastic spoon and get out of the bowl.  It was still good, but after a few minutes it softened to a more normal consistency, which I liked better.  If you don't care for stiff ice cream, just wait a bit, it'll melt down to something more malleable.  Most highly recommended.

Now thoroughly stuffed, we wandered around campustown for a few minutes browsing other restaurants.  There are many new ones added recently, and it's been a while since we walked through there.  We have about half a dozen we want to try.  Several had things I've only ever read about, like grass jelly.  There's a lychee smoothie that I covet, as lychee is a favorite fruit.

All in all, it was a most gratifying day!
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