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Cleaning Products Harm Lungs

This study shows that frequent use of cleaning products impairs lung function over time in a way similar to that of smoking cigarettes. 

However, I dispute the claim that "microfiber cloths and water" do as good a job as cleaners.  No the fuck they don't.  Dude, have you tried to get fingerprints off glass with water?  That ain't happening.  Most glass cleaners use ammonia because it works.  Neither will you get rid of any dried gunk with water and a soft cloth. If I want the table free of crumbs I can wipe it with a dry napkin.  If I want the sticky spots off, I need furniture cleaner -- and the green version I bought doesn't work near as well as the chemical kind, alas.  Although I will say my favorite goo remover is based on orange oil.  The most you can do with a soft cloth is wipe up spills immediately.  Water, well, it'll remove some things if you're willing to stand over it and scrub with a scrungie for five minutes.  You got time for that?  I don't.  I doubt many people do.

I don't clean frequently, though.  I clean grudgingly when I have to.  I am darkly amused by the fact that this is good for my lung health.  :D
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