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My Crowdfunding Activities in 2018

It is much easier to keep an accurate tally if I do it during the year rather than trying to backtrack after the fact. See my crowdfunding activities from 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, and 2017.

I serve as a maintainer of the Crowdfunding communities on LiveJournal and on Dreamwidth.


The [community profile] allbingo community on Dreamwidth is always open for people to play creative bingo, and it is crowdfunding-friendly. Some people use bingo cards to inspire their crowdfunded projects, or in prompt calls, etc.

Crowdfunding Creative Jam on [community profile] crowdfunding or on LiveJournal
A two-day event where anyone can leave prompts on the current theme, or create anything based on prompts. Some material is usually shared free and some is available for sponsorship.

Sketch Fest hosted by [personal profile] ellenmillion
Leave prompts for artists to sketch (in any medium) with a one-hour limit on each sketch during Sketch Fest proper. Sketches may be finished later. They are often offered for sale. Sponsors of Sketch Fest get to leave up to 15 prompts instead of the 5 that everyone else gets.

My Own Projects

I have a permanent "Feed the Bard" donation button on my Dreamwidth profile page. You can use that to support any of my projects, just make sure you tell me what the donation is for.

The Blueshift Troupers (sporadic)
This is science fiction about a team of shapeshifters who travel the galaxy solving problems. So far it has a bit of background material and a couple of poems. I'd like to find time to script the pilot episode.

The Poetry Fishbowl (monthly)
Live poetry activity where people give me prompts on a theme and I write poems based on whatever I get. Minimum of one free poem posted, and others available for sponsorship. Lots of different perks. Fishbowl Open posts have a donation button. The regular session is on the first Tuesday of each month. Sometimes there is a bonus session or a sale mid-month.

Schrodinger's Heroes (sporadic)
This project features an apocryphal television show supported by an imaginary fandom. It's science fiction about quantum physics and saving the world. The cast of characters is sexually and ethnically diverse. Content includes fiction, poetry, LOL_HEROES (LOLCATS images of characters who are cats, or have gotten changed into cats), and other goodies. I write for this project during the Poetry Fishbowl, Crowdfunding Creative Jam, bingo fests, and sundry other occasions.

The Silk Road Allies (sporadic)
Imagine if China and Italy became friends; that's the theme of this alternative history shared world. I write for it along with [personal profile] thesilentpoet and [personal profile] marina_bonomi. It features primarily poetry but there is also a bit of art, and other goodies may emerge over time.

Nineforthenebulasheart is based on several of my Creative Jam prompts bundled by [personal profile] alexconall into a feminist mythpunk science fantasy project. It's a collaborative fandom with multiple participants creating poetry, fiction, and other goodies, licensed via Creative Commons.

The Ursulan Cycle is a genderbent rendition of the Arthurian Cycle. It's an open source fandom with multiple contributors making poetry, fiction, and other stuff.

Projects I Sponsored

Magpie Monday by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer
This is a regular monthly project for fiction. I have sponsored "New Future," a piece of gentle fiction:
Sometimes, the only way to survive is to take an enormous risk. Louise Keller, school teacher, remains a school teacher, but she must change schools, cities, and nearly every other detail of her daily life. She's about to discover how well that risk will pay off. (1518 words)

Feathering the Nest by [personal profile] dialecticdreamer
This is a regular monthly project for fiction, focused on nonsexual intimacies. I have sponsored "Meeting of Minds."
Ena and Gregory must negotiate their very new relationship, amid a dozen other variables. Ena is encouraged to speak up, speak her mind, and finds the others grateful for her advice. Those are all very appealing, but there are still some significant cultural differences to work through. (2680 words)

SuperQueers series by [personal profile] bairnsidhe 
This is an ongoing series of superhero fantasy with gender studies themes, which sometimes appears as part of the [community profile] crowdfunding Creative Jam or other projects.  I sponsored the story "Chaos Out Of Order" from the July Creative Jam.

The Good Fight by various artists
This is a comics anthology about racism and other forms of bigotry, funded via Kickstarter.

Shout Out by various artists
This is a comics anthology featuring queer teen protagonists, funded via Kickstarter.

Other Projects I Supported as a Fan

O Human Star by Blue
This webcomic is about synthetic people and very real families.  Current storyline is drawn in black, white, and blue while the past is black, white, and red.  It makes for a unique reading experience.

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