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Expect Delays

I got woke up at 9 AM today, which is basically the middle of my sleep shift.  >_<  Recent minor plumbing issues have turned into major ones.   Professionals have been called, and cleanup efforts have been attempted.  I do not know if I will be needed for more cleanup later.  I know better than to try fixing anything -- this writer has been told, in no uncertain terms, NOT to be a plumber.  Positive thoughts, prayers, etc. for quick and reasonable repairs are welcome.

This is likely to cause delays in my posting speed and other poetry activities, as well as undermining other online activities.  Sorry for the hassle.

EDIT 5/15/18 -- The plumber has come and gone.  The urgent stuff is fixed.  There will be more later that requires additional parts, but for now we're ahead of the game.  \o/  Thank you for your help.
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