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Call for Two-Spirit Blanket Artist

A friend tipped me to this project seeking a two-spirit artist to put artwork on a wool blanket. Blankets are an important part of tribal culture, and in most tribes, made by women. Inspired Natives is aiming to promote the work of tribal artists rather than cheap knockoffs.

After receiving nearly 70 responses in our initial round of community feedback and meeting with members of the Two Spirit community here in Seattle to get this blanket development process started, Eighth Generation is looking for a community-based Two Spirit artist to design our next wool blanket!

How to apply

Please send the following to info@eighthgeneration.com:

Statement of interest that includes information about your community involvement (300 words or less)
3-5 images of your work
All submissions must be the sole original work of the submitting artist
Images should be .jpg file type, no more than 2MB in size
Tribal affiliation, website and social media links
Deadline: February 19th, 2018

Negotiable compensation options available.

Other considerations

We are looking to work with an existing design, so choose artwork that you feel would work well on a wool blanket!
Questions? Please email info@eighthgeneration.com
We look forward to seeing your submissions! Please feel free to share with the Two Spirit artists in your life
Tags: art, crafts, ethnic studies, networking

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