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Poems for Mom & Dad

These are the poems sponsored by my parents:

"Sex Objects"
"Before They Are Easy"
"The Ground Is My Ocean"
"Surviving Difficult Times"

They will go up after I have posted things previously sponsored by other patrons. Probably I will do the shorter ones and leave the longer ones until after I have finished writing poems for prompters. Here's the backlog:

"Where You Begin to Heal" second half sponsored by [personal profile] technoshaman

"Pied-à-Ciel" sponsored and "The Stimulation Den" opened for microfunding by [personal profile] ng_moonmoth 

"Sexual Orienteering" sponsored by [personal profile] janetmiles 

Thank you all for your generosity and patience.  I plan to focus primarily on posting today so you should see a good chunk of these going up.  If you fall behind, check this post for links to catch up.
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