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Epic Domino Display

Enjoy an epic display of domino arrangement.  I was particularly impressed by the breadth of games represented, the daring and 99% effective use of many elements that could have gone awry, and the comprehensive grasp of physics.  Plus of course the base requirements of dexterity and patience needed to set up domino runs at all.

This is a popular activity in Terramagne, and this example looks just like what the Triton Teen Centers host regularly.  Not only can Kraken afford to sponsor this stuff, they make games through various subsidiary companies, and they have a vested interest in keeping wild young things happily occupied so they don't blow shit up.  Arena displays like this also build community spirit, and a geek-friendly community is less likely to make the kind of messes that Kraken has to clean up after. 
Tags: a little slice of terramagne, crafts, entertainment, gaming, networking, video

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