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Poem: "in the market"

This poem was written outside the regular prompt calls, and sponsored by [personal profile] kengr. It belongs to the Origami Mage series.

"in the market"

kirigami mage
has worked in the marketplace
since dawn opened it

origami mage
arrives at noon -- customers
flock to her, calling

kirigami mage
shouts at her, throwing scraps of
paper and insults

"Why do you have to
ruin everything I touch?
It's all about you!"

origami mage
sits silently, her head bowed
people are staring

their magic scatters
like bird feathers blown by wind
fluttering, aimless

"I am done with this.
You always win. I have no
more heart for fighting."

kirigami mage
folds her things in her blanket
and then walks away

origami mage
stares after her rival and
wonders what to do
Tags: crafts, cyberfunded creativity, fantasy, fishbowl, poem, poetry, reading, weblit, writing

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