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Review: Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Toffee & Sea Salt

Trader Joe's Milk Chocolate Toffee & Sea Salt is very interesting.  The chocolate is light and sweet, 32% cocoa.  The toffee is in small crumbles, with a very loud butterscotch note, but not too hard to bite into.  If you're a fan of either toffee or butterscotch, definitely try this bar.  This is actually the first "salted" chocolate product I've had that wasn't too salty for me, because I dislike salt except in summer when I'm sweating a lot.  So if you like chocolate that tastes salty, you probably won't be impressed by this.  However, I think it'd be a great choice for warm weather if you just want a little extra.  I would happily eat this again.  Highly recommended.
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