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Demifiction: "BiblioThecla: Romance for Worldly Women"

[personal profile] filkferengi remarked in a comment that the fashion photographs of Kristina Makeeva looked like the covers of romance novels worth reading. That inspired this ...

BiblioThecla: Romance for Worldly Women
This line of romance novels is edited by Thecla Kijek, who was born in Poland and immigrated to America as a tween. She felt that the genre needed more substance in order to appeal to women who usually avoid romances as silly and implausible. So these stories feature women and men who face genuine challenges and must use their coping skills to overcome those -- or learn new ones along the way -- in order to succeed in life and relationships. Each book comes in English and one foreign language suited to its setting.

Голуба́я Любовь (Golubaya Lyubov)
Blue Love
While struggling with depression, Trista decides to travel around the world exploring the color blue. In St. Petersburg, Russia she meets Alexei, an artist who has lost his muse. Together they find new inspiration in each other.
Cathedral Mosque in St. Petersburg, Russia. Model: Aygul. (Russian)

La Belle et les Ballons
The Beauty and the Balloons
Shy Belinda takes French in college, hoping that it will help her grow more outgoing, but all it does is introduce her to a lot of interesting extroverts. Then her friends take her on a whirlwind summer tour of France. When she meets the popular but ugly Didier, can she become comfortable with his world?
Paris, France, Tour Eiffel. Model: Vera Brezhneva. (French)

Yukarı, Yukarı ve Uzağa (Yukare, Yukare ve Uzaja)
Up, Up, and Away
Fonda has always been afraid of heights. That's okay, because she loves traveling by boat and by train. While exploring Cappadocia, Turkey, she falls in love with Evren, a nonbinary person who makes hot air balloons. Can their love overcome their differences?
Cappadocia, Turkey. Model: Nina. (Turkish)

Фейерверк на Высокой (Fireverk na Visokoi)
Fireworks in the Sky
Elena has never felt arousal, but longs for passion. At a fireworks festival in Moscow, Russia she meets the shy and handsome Sasha. Together they reach out for a romance based on passion instead of lust.
Moscow Firework Festival, Russia. Model: Nina. (Russian)

L'Opéra à Coeur Ouvert
Open Heart Opera
For years, Raz has hidden away the feminine part of himself. On a trip to Paris, France, he gives in to the urge to try crossdressing and is amazed at how free he feels. At the Opéra De Paris, he encounters the dashing Guy, who encourages him to open up. But can Raz learn how to live with his heart on his sleeve?
Opéra De Paris, Palais Garnier, Paris, France. Model: Vera Brezhneva. (French)

Beyken'bi Veyo
Heart-Leafed Moon Seed
Leah has lost boyfriends to a car accident, the Army, and other women. She decides to treat herself to a solo vacation to Finolhu in the Republic of the Maldives, but the cheap package delivers her during the rainy season. Discouraged by the storms, she gives up on tourist pursuits and lurks in the garden of the resort. There she meets the gardener Amil, who insists that -- like the lush tropical vines he tends -- Leah can recover from her cutting losses.
Finolhu, Maldives. Model: Nastya. (Dhivehi)

Кызыл Лепестки (Kizil Lepestki)

Red Petals
Radley has followed the rules and done the expected things in life -- studied hard, gone to college, gotten a prestigious internship -- but none of it has excited her passion. On assignment in Crimea, she meets the beautiful girl Alsu. Suddenly, Radley doesn't feel like following the rules anymore.
Poppies Field, Crimea. (Crimean Tatar)

الأفق الأقصى (Al'ufuq Al'aqsaa)
The Far Horizon
Ferwa likes to sit and watch the world go by. On her way to Finolhu in the Maldives, she rides with the sailor Jal who ferries tourists between the many islands. After he leaves her at the resort, she finds her thoughts straying back to him. Can Jal inspire Ferwa to stop watching and start doing?
Finolhu, Maldives. Model: Nastya. (Arabic)

Hayatımın ışığı (Hayatemen Esheje)
Light of My Life
As a writer of spiritual nonfiction, Thea travels the world seeking moments of enlightenment to share with her readers. Then she meets Taner, a young man who leads the morning meditations at a resort, and a whole new light enters her life.
Cappadocia, Turkey. Model: Masha. (Turkish)

* * *


bibliotheca in American
(ˌbɪbliəˈθikə ; bibˌlēət hēˈkə)
1. a book collection; library
2. a bookseller's catalog
-- Collins Dictionary

Thecla is a saint name popular in Poland.

голубо́й = light blue
голубо́й га́лстук = light-blue tie
голуба́я маши́на = light-blue car
голубо́е пла́тье = light-blue dress
-- Russian Colors

Meaning: love, affection, passion
Pronunciation: [lyoo-BOHF']
Part of speech: noun (feminine noun)
-- Love

Heart-Leafed Moon Seed
Chandrahasa (चंद्रहासा)– It refers to the moon like appearance of transversely cut stem.
Chinnaruha(छिन्नरुहा), Chinnodbhava (छिन्नोद्भवा) – Regular growth of plant even if it is cut-off several times. Regular emergence of plant even if it is cut-off several times.
-- Tinospora cordifolia
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