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Today we got this announcement from Grand Prairie Friends:

*Welcome Warbler Bottoms North *

*January 23, 2018*

Grand Prairie Friends (GPF), a conservation land trust, purchased an
additional 140 acres adjacent to Warbler Ridge Conservation Area south of
Charleston to further expand, protect and restore wildlife habitat and
citizen access to green space within the Embarras River Corridor. This
newest GPF addition is bordered on the north by Charleston’s Woodyard
Conservation Area and joins GPF’s already existing properties to the
east and south, with the beautiful Embarras River rounding out the western
boundary. This acquisition now conserves an almost continuous woodland
corridor along the Embarras River from the Woodyard Conservation Area
south to the Fox Ridge State Park and brings Warbler Ridge to 880 acres.

Grand Prairie Friends plans to steward and protect this land in
perpetuity, and it will undergo habitat restoration for species living in
and among the Embarras River corridor.

Tags: activism, illinois, nature, news, wildlife

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