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McDonald's Goes Green

McDonald's has just announced a long-term plan for shifting entirely to recycled packaging on their products, and providing retrieval for used packaging, with an eye toward sustainability.  :D  I was not a fan of this franchise growing up, because the food was just inedible to me.  But the quality of some items has improved -- I am now quite fond of the egg McMuffins and the buttermilk chicken tenders (evidently made with actual buttermilk in some form, the taste is distinct) -- and I'm a huge fan of their extended hours for "breakfast" items.  This new announcement makes me even happier.  They are deliberately leveraging their large size to deliver the top environmental improvement their customers requested, in hopes that it with influence other restaurants to do likewise.

If you like McDonald's food, go buy something, they deserve the folding votes for this. It's like a little slice of Terramagne; this is the kind of socially aware decision that their businesses make all the time. \o/
Tags: activism, economics, environment, food, news

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