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Squash Fail

We tried a new type of squash tonight, gold nugget.  It looked a lot like an acorn squash but salmon-colored outside with orange flesh inside, and pointy on both ends.  It had tougher rind and was more difficult to cut, then didn't break into even halves.  It was thinner walled with less flesh, and the seeds really didn't want to come out clean.  Trying to scrape the strings out made weird chips come off the walls. The gold nugget did cook in the alloted time, which acorns don't always, probably due to its thinner walls.  The taste wasn't all that great either.

Not recommended.  :P

I don't regret trying it, though.  Squashes are interesting.  I'm not the biggest fan of them, but some I really like, and they're a nice healthy food with versatile applications.  Trying new foods is fun.  The fact that not all of them pan out is just how exploration works.
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