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Transformative Works Policy

People keep clamoring for this sort of thing.  I've been putting off making one because I don't have a stance on many of the points.  However, it seems useful to post the ones where I do have a stance ...

* If you wish to make something of mine available for free to a wider audience, such as recording it in podfic or translating it into a new language, by all means do so.  I am particularly supportive of alternative communication modes and rare or heritage languages.

* If you want to illustrate anything of mine for free, go for it.  I love fanart and will be thrilled to see it.  I don't care about quality; feel free to use my writing as inspiration for art exercises if you wish.

* If you want to riff on my fanfic, you may do so.  It would hardly be fair for me to say you can't borrow from something I already borrowed from somebody else.

* Some of my fanfic and original work contains rather detailed descriptions of concepts which can be replicated with local resources.  They are described in that much detail for precisely that purpose.  If you see a game you want to play, a game system you want to construct, a mental exercise to try, a craft project to do, a cultural practice you wish to adopt, etc. -- go for it.  The nonsexual ageplay in Love Is For Children is cobbled together from a few therapeutic resources, but such material is rare and tends to disappear quickly, so I've actually built up one of the better showcases for this technique.  Should you involve other people who didn't read the original, I would appreciate credit.

* Shared worlds and open-source fandoms are available for everyone to use.  Please cite original creators if you reference someone else's work, and preferably, point back to the landing page so other folks can find the fandom.

* Fair use includes educational use even for my original materials.  If you want to use my work in class, let me know; I actually have supporting materials for the books.

* Private use means you can do anything you want with anything as long as you keep it to yourself.

* Once an original work has been sponsored and posted, it is free for everyone to read.  You may forward it to anyone you think would enjoy it.  Just don't reprint it without permission.

* If you want to make money from anything relating to my work, please ask first.

* You can also ask me if you want reprint rights to something.

* If you do something with my work, I would appreciate a link so I can connect it.  If there's a hardcopy, I would like a complimentary copy.  I also expect to be credited for the inspiration, source material, or whatever. 
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