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my_partner_doug and I went out to celebrate his birthday. We saw a falcon and a winter rainbow. :D We had supper at Fujiyama, went grocery shopping and found another gift and dessert. The latter was some of the best cheesecake I've ever had, triple berry. <3

We also watched Star Wars: The Last Jedi, which was a great deal better than I expected, so I'll review that and its fascinating batch of trailers. (Here there be spoilers.)

Jurassic World: Fallen World -- it's raining dinosaurs. SHUT UP AND TAKE MAH MONEY!

The upcoming Spiderman animated movie has Miles Morales in it. SHUT UP AND TAKE MAH MONEY!

Ready Player One looks like a delightful SF flick. It sounds like the hero's username is Parsifal ... LOL. "Who is this Parsifal?" He's a Grail knight, you ignoramus, bend over and kiss your ass goodbye. Also seems to be a charming modern take on the Golden Ticket.

Battle Angel is a movie adaptation of classic manga/anime. I've seen bits of the originals, so I know the main character and part of the story, about which many other fans are passionate but didn't really grab me. The trailer? Seems to hold a great deal more of what the fans were raving about. I am intrigued.

Infinity War looks better than I expected from previous descriptions. Perhaps it will be worth watching.

And then there was the one with London as a giant mecha city-monster devouring a smaller one. I don't know whose horribly brilliant idea that was, but yes, that is colonialism in a nutshell and how both flavors of Indians tend to view England. O_O Too good for its own good in terms of me watching it, but kudos for calling a spade a spade.

On to the main features ...

Just as I predicted, Darth Emo lasted less than 5 minutes before losing his temper again. The tug-of-war with the lightsaber wasn't even teen angst; we're down to toddler again. *sighhhh* But he didn't manage to ruin the movie this time, and I did enjoy seeing various people spank him with walls.

There's still no motivation in sight, though. Luke's half-assed murder attempt doesn't count, because it was a response to the turn instead of its cause. Snoke would have no access without some kind of impetus. I mean really, what the hell is going on here? Did Luke rape him a bunch? Did Han and Leia abandon Ben? Did they all practice years of emotional abuse? Because that boy is a walking basket case, and pathetic beyond description, without a reason to show for it.

Meanwhile Leia, who has lost everything repeatedly, won't give the Dark Side the time of day. Also she can Force-fly in deep space, you don't get much more badass than that. <3 Rey didn't seem anywhere near as tempted as Luke thought, either. This kind of gender imbalance is what leads some orders to kill all the boy babies to prevent them from going berserk.

Speaking of lost opportunities, there are a lot of interesting ones in the movie. The cake is a lie! If the Dark Side had ponied up the identity of Rey's parents in the hole, that might've worked; certainly Darth Emo's best opportunity to pull that trigger was right before they entered the throne room; after which it just didn't work at intended. Ah well.

The movie contained a lot of emotional crotch shots. Snoke really did a classic cult recruitment routine, larding on the praise before, of course, taking it all away. R2-D2's reprise of Leia's hero-activation hologram was devastatingly apt. Similarly Rey's final attempt to get Luke off his ass, before approaching Darth Emo herself, was a very well presented. Luke's finger-flicking dismissal of Darth Emo was masterful in winding him up.

It's also full of eastereggs.

Large portions of the dialog between Snoke, Hux, and/or Darth Emo are frankly feeding lines to the slashwriters. Really, just add "... in bed" and see what happens. But hey, whatever lights your wick.

The porgs start out as a cross between penguins and puffins. They fly, even though they don't have wings designed for that. So okay, they Force-fly, which fits with Island of the Jedi. But the scene where they're ripping up the seat cushions? They're KEAS! ROTFLMAO

All the druidic motifs on the Island were very nice, particularly the beehive huts and the sunbeam falling on Rey.

At one point, someone popped open an electronic panel and I thought, "What the ever-living fuck is that archaic crap doing on a starship?" .... OOOHHH ... they're RESISTORS. ROTFLMAO One of many fine light-in-dark, dark-in-light moments.

The movie was surprisingly Shakespearean in scope, from very crude humor to very sophisticated and subtle references that require a wide knowledge base to appreciate. Well played. And two hours well spent, after all.
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