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Poem: "BLUSH" - The Wordsmith's Forge
The Writing & Other Projects of Elizabeth Barrette
Poem: "BLUSH"
This is from the January 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by a prompt from Raven. It also fills the "blush" square in my 4-1-17 card for the Month of Rainbows fest. This poem has been sponsored by Anthony & Shirley Barrette.

-- an acrostic poem

Begin with the first kiss,
Like blossoming into love
Underneath a college moon as
School friends become sweethearts,
Happy days unrolling ahead of them.

* * *


Acrostic poetry spells a message down the side, typically with the first letter of each line.  Learn how to write an acrostic poem.

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