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Recipe: "Enlightened Chicken"

This is what I made for supper tonight. It turned out quite well! If you like lemon-pepper chicken and you can find Buddha's hand, I highly recommend trying it.

Enlightened Chicken

Buddha's hand
thin-sliced chicken breasts
lemon juice
sea salt
Muntok white pepper


Zest the Buddha's hand. You will need enough zest to sprinkle generously over the top of each chicken breast. One large finger of Buddha's hand typically makes enough zest for two chicken breasts. Reserve the zest in a small bowl.

Preheat a George Foreman grill. It takes about five minutes to heat.

Rinse and pat dry the chicken breasts. Sprinkle with a few drops of lemon juice, then sea salt and Muntok white pepper. Top with plenty of Buddha's hand zest.

Put the chicken breasts on the grill and cook for five minutes. Serve hot.


Buddha's hand is a type of yellow citrus with long curling "fingers." It has lots of rind and white pith inside, but no juicy pulp. It is the key to this recipe. It does taste rather different than lemon, but if you don't have Buddha's hand, you can make a batch of lemon chicken instead. Many types of citrus can be exchanged for each other in a recipe to get iterations of the basic dish. After you have removed the zest, by the way, you can still candy the remaining white pith.

The zest turned rust-brown and quite crunchy when grilled. I imagine it would work great if added to various kinds of breaded chicken, shrimp, fish, etc.

If you don't have sea salt, plain table salt will do fine.

Muntok white pepper is type of mild peppercorn with the outer coating removed. It's nice on light-colored dishes where you don't want to black specks or too much heat. But you can use regular black pepper if that's all you have.

Also, I finished making the Buddha's Hand Shortbread Cookies. ZOMFG, my tongue is having an orgasm! Aside from the exquisite flavor of the Buddha's hand, this is the best and easiest shortbread cookie recipe I have found. The cookies are light, delicate, and burst into crumbs when bitten. I definitely want to make these again with other flavors such as candied ginger. :D Seriously, if you like shortbread and you can find Buddha's hand, go make these.
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