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Today's Adventures

We went up to Champaign today for various errands.  We scouted the Indian restaurant Kohinoor.  I went inside to see if they had take-home menus, which they do.  It smelled so good.  But we were already booked to eat somewhere else.  Argh.  We have some other occasions coming up and we'll fit it into one of those.  :D

We stopped at Harvest Market for fresh produce to try a recipe for curried black-eyed peas.  They had Buddha's hand again, this time some very nice ones, so I bought one to try!  :D 3q3q3q!!!  The smell really does cling to your hands.  So later on, we got thin-sliced chicken breasts.  I'm going to zest some of the rind onto the chicken.  I'm thinking I'll probably candy most of it, though.  That'll give me the crystal candy and the syrup, and Trevor makes homemade soda flavors, so we can think up something to do with Buddha syrup.  I may look up other recipes too, though.

For supper we ate at a Chinese restaurant, Rainbow Garden, which was not bad.  I had barbecue pork lo mein, which was tasty if a bit salty, and the crab rangoons were excellent.  I'm curious to try some of their other dishes.  We met with a couple of folks from Enchantment Alley to talk about teaching classes there.  Looks like we're on for a series about different traditions, and one or two standalone classes of mine.    \o/

Buddha's Hand Recipes

Scented Sugar or Salt


Buddha's Hand Shortbread Cookies
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