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Poem: "Of Portals and Magic Potions"

This poem is spillover from the January 2, 2018 Poetry Fishbowl. It was inspired by prompts from [personal profile] capriuni and [personal profile] wyld_dandelyon. It also fills the "magic potion" square in my 4-1-17 card for the Month of Rainbows fest. This poem has been sponsored by [personal profile] capriuni. It belongs to the Schrodinger's Heroes project.

"Of Portals and Magic Potions"

It's Chris who finds out
that someone in town is
selling what they claim
to be a magic potion
that reveals unicorns.

"There's no such thing as
a magic potion," Kay scoffs, "or
unicorns either, for that matter."

They find out that the unicorns
are real when Bailey sees one
eating their sand verbena,
its coat the same shade
of vivid pink as the flower.

"Those are endangered,"
Pat points out with a frown.

"No, the unicorns are
an invasive species,"
Kay says firmly.

"I meant the flowers,"
Pat says. "I don't want
them to get eaten."

"Well, I can fix that,"
Chris says. He gets out
his shotgun, the one loaded
with rock salt, and shoos away
the unwanted unicorn.

Alex starts working on a plan
to send the unicorns home,
and the potion-maker too,
if they can find him-her-or-it.

Unfortunately the unicorns
are only visible inside of
the Teflon Tesseract,
a place between realities --

or under the influence of
some unknown potion that
none of Schrodinger's Heroes
really want to test personally.

They believe in science,
not magic, although Alex is ...
flexible on the topic.

"Some people act like
quantum physics is magic,"
she says philosophically.
"It doesn't change anything."

They spend a week tracking down
the enchantress and her brewery,
and then the samples gained from
that excursion enable Alex to test
the effects of the magic potion
on the interdimensional portals.

Soon they have a working interface,
so they chuck the enchantress back
into her own world and drive
the unicorns in after her.

Through the portal,
they can see fairies
flitting through the air.

"That was ... different,"
Kay says. "I kind of thought
the weird stuff might just go away
after we beat the enchantress."

"It doesn't stop being magic,
just because you know how it works,"
Alex said with a shrug. "In other words,
pretty much like quantum physics."

* * *


Unicorns appear in mythology around the world.

Large-fruited sand verbena is a pretty pink flower, among the endangered species of Texas.

Any introduced species may become invasive, particularly if it poses a threat to endangered natives. Read about invasive species here in eigen-Texas.
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