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Fandom Snowflake Challenge Day 4: "Wishlist"

Day 4

In your own space, create a fannish wishlist. No limits on size or type of fanwork; just tell us what you’d like to see. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so. And if you grant a wish, do the same thing!

My Wishes

In regards to the below, my favorite fandoms include the Marvel Cinematic Universe (especially the X-Men and the Avengers), Tolkien, classic Star Trek, Harry Potter, Sherlock Holmes, Firefly, and the Sentinel.  I am also open to original material.

* I hate Kylo Ren.  He is an embarrassment to villains everywhere.  He is painful to watch.  I want to see Darth Emo tormented by Force ghosts ... like his grandfather telling him what a disgrace of a villain he is and haranguing him about his poor control every time he throws a tantrum, or his father lecturing him on ethics and telling him to go clean his room.

* Fanfic about genuine teamwork, which is all but gone from modern media.  As an example, the opening scene in Days of Future Past shows great trust and cooperation.  When you have that, you get some very different stories than the usual.

* Fanfic about how horribly things would go if people actually did  the stuff onscreen.  I watch Dark Matter precisely because it shows what a clusterfuck it is when you throw together a handful of random people and try to pretend they are a team.  *kerplowie*

* QUILTBAG fanfic.  Regrettably canon in most series tends to abuse and/or erase people of diverse identities.  Let there be live happy lesbians and gay hero/villain couples with a clue!  Let there be sex-variant people who get to keep their bodies!

* Call out abuse for what it is.  Usually it's either ignored or approved.  What happens when someone actually steps in and says that something is wrong  to do?  That used to be the norm and is now rare.  Big Hero 6 has some great examples of nonviolent principles.

* Hurt/comfort.  I learned that from Tolkien when I was four.  <3  I still like reading it.  Bonus points for emotional first aid or trauma-informed care using genuine principles of those fields.

* I have a huge competence kink.  Huuuuuge.  My competence kink is hung like the Hulk.  Show me characters using real skills to do things right.  A favorite example is the horseback archery scene in Brave, showing that Merida developed her badass archery skills through practice.

* Romance in which the characters have real problems they must actually solve with people skills, not misunderstandings that can be handwaved away whenever the author gets tired of tormenting the protagonists.  Apparently this is the opposite of what most readers want in romance, but I am a freak and I like what I like.

* Fanart for my series Love Is For Children.  I have a list of some photogenic scenes for anyone looking for art prompts, with links to extant artworks.  I could also use a 100x100 icon for this series.  Art of anything else I write, fannish or original, will be met with much squee.

* In scientific fanart, I want amplituhedron jewelry.  I would also enjoy the image on a t-shirt or sweatshirt.

Wishes Granted

Fannish craft patterns for my friend [personal profile] peoriapeoriawhereart 

Favorite novels for [personal profile] scripsi 

[personal profile] analise010 wanted recs, so I sent a link to the list I already made; and food, for which I have my Recipes tag.

Mental health resources for [personal profile] mierke 

[personal profile] lexigent asked for discussion space and asexual characters.

Obscure movie for [personal profile] sixbeforelunch 

[personal profile] sallymn wanted writers to complete stories before posting them.  That's a general rule of mine.

[personal profile] deifire and [personal profile] sorchasilver asked for favorite books too.

[personal profile] crookedspoon wanted a place to find prompts.

Several things for [personal profile] teigh_corvus 

Kirk/Spock prompt for [personal profile] fairyniamh 

[personal profile] ozqueen wanted various recs, so I pointed back here.

Assorted things for [personal profile] silveradept 

[personal profile] sunlit_stone wanted fannish poetry.  Yeah, I got that.

[personal profile] squidgiepdx wants help developing a fanrec site.

Advice on advancing Japanese language for [personal profile] alasse_irena 

Feedback for [personal profile] chanter_greenie and I highly recommend her story "Its Continuing Mission," a rare tonal  match of classic Star Trek and Young Wizards.

Food blogging for [personal profile] rootsofthestories 

Plotbunnies for [personal profile] rhi 

Sundry things for [personal profile] gorgeousnerd 

Fanfic of color for [personal profile] ladyjax 

Fanfic discussions in comments for [personal profile] inkstone 

Awesome female characters and creators for [personal profile] knight_tracer 

Bunch of stuff for [personal profile] mmouse15 

Couple different things for [personal profile] ragingrainbow 

Harry/Draco recs for [personal profile] sassy_cissa 

Daemonfic for [personal profile] chase_acow 

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