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Today's Adventures

This morning Doug's last holiday gift arrived -- I had gotten him a couple of sweatshirts with help from a friend.  \o/  So he is pleased with those.

Then we went out on an excursion.  We went to Bloomington, did at little gift-shopping that was very successful, and then went mall-crawling.  Doug found the 12-dot dominoes that he was looking for.  We ate pretzel bites.  We both found some great things in Earthbound.  He got a cloth banner of Ganesh and I got a pair of aurora-colored tie-dye pants plus some incense.  It was a lot of fun.

I'm not inclined to return to Eastland, though.  It's a lovely mall, but they've just joined the flood of malls banning minors without an adult during some days and hours (obviously, the ones those people are most likely to be free to visit malls).  But this one is extra heinous: it can't just be any legal adult, it must be a parent or guardian 21 or older.  Think carefully.  This means a teen parent, or a legal adult aged 18-20, cannot take their own child(ren) to the mall.  A married couple not using birth control could have 2-3 children in those three years.  I hope the mall gets sued and/or boycotted to death.  I mean, I used to love malls, but when I heard the announcement -- they were playing it over loudspeakers to make sure everyone knows how second-class some citizens are -- I felt guilty about having spent money there. >_<  At a time when malls are struggling to survive, they sure are determined to shoot themselves in the head.  No wonder so many people are switching to electronic commerce.  *sigh*  I need to jot down some notes for how Terramagne handles this stuff.
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