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Today's Adventures

Customarily we go holiday shopping with my parents at the outlet mall in Tuscola. They weren't able to make it this year, so they sent holiday money and we went shopping today. The loot includes ...

For me:

* A red-and-plum flannel shirt
* A blue heather t-shirt

* A spectacular chenille sweater in a color that's hard to describe. Think of a deep yellow or light orange, autumn-toned but very bright, with kind of a heather variegation. It's rare to find, and I have almost nothing in the yellow to orange range because so little of it looks good on me. I'm thrilled with this find. \o/

* Three pairs of boot socks: dark red, dark green, black-and-white

* A red-gold-green comforter

* A window dangle showing the phases of the moon
* A resin-cast replica of a sabertooth tiger skull

For Doug:

* A pair of blue jeans
* A nice pair of dark gray pants
* Two pairs of sweat pants, navy and gray
* Two nice button-up shirts, black and seafoam
* A band t-shirt
* Four plain t-shirts in assorted colors

* A package of socks
* A package of jockeys

* A splendid dress shirt in jewel-blue plaid

* A pressure cooker/crockpot multicooker

Plus the buffet burner that we bought as a household item yesterday. :D

Also, we stopped in Dr. G's Brain Shop but didn't buy anything today. I did spot two new games that I think will appeal to some of you folks:

* Twangled is a variation on the people-puzzle category of games. It is cooperative for 4-8 players. You have 8 elastic bands to connect the players, and a kick spinner that tells you to climb under or over a certain color of band. First you tangle up the players, then work together to get untangled. Good for problem-solving and teamwork, also for people who enjoy physical games but dislike holding hands.

* The Magic Labyrinth is a board game for 2-4 players. It belongs to the logic/puzzle category. The top of the board is smooth, and it lies over a labyrinth which is constructed of movable walls, so the layout will be different each time you play. As you move your pawn, it carries a ball on the underside of the board, held by a magnet -- until you hit a wall and drop the ball. So you have to figure out the pattern of the labyrinth by trial-and-error, then remember where the walls are. I would be terrible at this game, but I know dungeon-crawling gamers who would love it.

So we're both pretty much wiped out from walking around all day, but we had a lot of fun and found some great stuff. <3 Fortunately we don't need to go out tomorrow.
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