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Turkey Stock

The turkey stock is cooking.  The carcass just barely fits in my biggest crockpot.  This is why I am a size queen when it comes to crockpots.  :D  To give you an idea, the tail is about the size of my palm.  So, cram the turkey in the crock, cover with as much water as will fit, turn on Low.  Add some onion quarters, a bay leaf, some black peppercorns, and a bit of smoked salt.  Cover and ignore for hours.

Because the carcass is so big, I probably won't get as much stock as usual.  I may mess with it later to see if I can pry any more meat off the bones, thus making more room to add a little extra water.

EDIT: Done and put away.  I got 10 containers of various sizes, which is more than I expected.  \o/
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