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Couples Videos a la Terramagne - The Wordsmith's Forge
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Couples Videos a la Terramagne
I went out to make a cup of tea and Doug had the television on. An ad began playing in the background, and after a moment I was like ... waitaminit, that sounds like a Terramagne commercial. It kept going. Curious, I wandered out to the living room -- with my still unheated tea in hand -- to listen because I didn't want to lose it under the microwave noise.

There in full color was an ad for some surprisingly ept adult videos on sexual skills and enjoyment. And it ... just ... kept ... going. Videos on masturbation, on the art of kissing, on sex for couples over 50. A fitness champ teaching the challenging sport of pole dancing. 4-hand massage. A whole series for black couples. Another for same-sex couples. A series for nonsexual intimacies. :D 3q3q3q!!! By that time I was determined to stay for the end so I could catch the company name, and when I did, I immediately went into my office to look for their website. A list of educational erotica topped by nonsexual intimacies? That's "check for dimensional rift" territory.

Happily, the Alexander Institute does have a website in local-America. \o/ Materials are produced by a staff of sex therapists, educators, authors, and other experts in the field. In addition to the DVDs they were advertising, they also offer luxury toys, books, videos on demand, and a modest but well-written glossary. They're not kidding about the luxury toys, by the way, if you like science in your sex -- look at the shapes. Expensive, but I bet those won't wear out after a week. Sadly short on books. I couldn't find the nonsexual videos, drat it, but the others are listed. I have no idea if the quality of the product lives up to the commercials, but they have at least hit the topic list for a thriving personal life. So that's what an adult sex ed curriculum sounds like in Terrramagne, and the kind of thing lovers sometimes buy each other for Valentine's Day as inspiration.

Congratulations, Alexander folks, you just won Commercial of the Year for producing something so appealing that even I stopped what I was doing to pay attention. It's rare for me to find a commercial that is competently made so as to be attractive instead of repellent. I can't remember the last time one actually pulled me away from another activity, at least in this dimension. I've started actively listening for the T-American ones, they're so cool, which is why this one drew me out of the kitchen.

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