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 ... is on display with his friends.

The article mentions that author A.A. Milne had shellshock (now called PTSD) after serving in World War I, and that his writing was illustrated by another veteran.  One of the things I've always loved about the Pooh stories is Eeyore, who is depressed and pessimistic -- yet always there.  His friends don't get tired of him and dump him.  They keep inviting him on adventures.  He's there, still himself, still depressed, but always part of the community.  He's like a walking, talking embodiment of shellshock in one of its forms.  He's PTSD Donkey.  So if you know someone who's struggling with traumatic stress, give them an Eeyore.  He reminds all of us that just because you're sad all the time doesn't mean you can't have a life, and even adventures.
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