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Poem: "Driving on Ice"

Today's freebie was prompted backchannel by my_partner_doug.  It also fills the "season" square in my 10-31-17 Time card in the Space and Time Bingo fest.

"Driving on Ice"

While most drivers try
to avoid ice on the road,
some travel on roads
made entirely of ice.

These intrepid travelers
are the ice road truckers,
who cross frozen lakes
to deliver vital supplies
in the high north.

These frozen roads
are only traversable
a few months of the year.

During the driving season,
companies send shipment after
shipment as fast as they can.

It takes a delicate dance of
practical skills and physics
to make the trip safely.

Companies measure the ice,
mathematicians calculate speed
and spacing of the convoys, but

it's up to the truckers themselves
to feel their way across the groaning ice
and deliver supplies to those in need.

* * *


Ice road jobs are good for adrenaline junkies.

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