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Potlatch Game

Here's an update on the Potlatch game:

Once again, we want to thank each and everyone of you for your support.
And as a token of our appreciation, for everyone who has and will order a
physical copy of our game we will include a digital copy of it for free.
In addition, due to the incredible amount of support we've received, we
decided to set a couple of stretch goals. Stretch Goal $5,000.00

After doing the math, we figured out that if we reach $5,000.00 we can
improve the card stock to a slightly thinner card stock that is easier to
shuffle, and has a silk-stock finish that used in popular trading card
games. Stretch Goal $7,500.00

Like the header states, if we reach this level of funding, we will produce
a Lushootseed Pronunciation Podcast!

Jonathan, Jeanette, and Tylor

Of course, it's the second stretch goal that I really want.  :D
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, economics, entertainment, ethnic studies, gaming, linguistics, networking

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