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New Crowdfunding Project: "Potlatch"

A friend tipped me to a new crowdfunding project.  It's a card game called Potlatch.  It's based on the gift economy of Coast Salish culture.  It is bilingual in English and Lushootseed.  A copy of the game is only $15, but there is also a $30 option that donates a spare deck to a Native youth center or school.  So if you have been enjoying anything from tribal culture, buy a deck and thank a tribe.  It also sounds like a much more cooperative game than usual, and a dandy introduction to what a gift economy is.  Those of you who collect foreign languages will also want to take a look -- there are materials in tribal languages but they're hard to find outside a powwow.
Tags: cyberfunded creativity, economics, ethnic studies, gaming, linguistics, networking, projects

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