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A Word for America Today

Until recently, I described America as a plutocracy (rule by the rich), and it has been statistically analyzed as an oligarchy (rule by a privileged few).  Someone else has made a very compelling case that in Era 45 it is now a kakistocracy.  

A historic example is cited as the French Revolution.  I would say first that kakistocracy technically refers to the corrupt and licentious peak immediately before  the Revolution; and second that they seem to have forgotten about the fall of the Roman Empire, also preceded by decadence of legendary depravity.

Maybe I should stop saying "panem et circenses"  and try to find the original name of that idiotic dish that used lark's tongues in aspic.  Which wasn't even any good.  I bet you could drop that on the White House table and the Eater in Chief wouldn't even get the reference.
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