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Musical Hat Draw Music Sale

Remember the Musical Hat Draw? My poem "Starfire Rising" is one of those for which music was written, now featured in the Musical Hat Draw Music Sale. Once [personal profile] artsyhonker gets the first $10, that comes to me and I'll post the lyrics as sponsored. Remember, donations for this go to the COMPOSER not to me! There is a PayPal link on that sale page. Also there is information about all the other songs from the MHD. \o/

2. Starfire Rising, text suggested and written by Elizabeth Barrette. Again, this is fairly folk-y, maybe a bit poppy? Three verses, the third with a slightly different tune for the first half. Piano accompaniment. I need to pay Elizabeth for use of the text but she has set an extremely reasonable price, so most of the below is for my own work.
Sheet music: £60
…and a robot clarionet and piano recording: £70
…and a recording of me singing to a robot piano: £120
…and a recording of me singing AND playing: £170

I really love this project.  [personal profile] artsyhonker says it worked great for inspiration, so I am hopeful we'll see more of it.  I've only seen a handful of musical crowdfunding projects in this interactive style, as contrasted with people just raising money on IndieGoGo or wherever to launch an album.  It's something I wish to encourage.

Also I should probably write more lyric poetry.  I love the stuff, but I don't often get prompts for it these days.  I know a few filkers who occasionally ask if I have anything I'd like set to music.  Sure ... but it's scattered through several thousand other pieces.  0_o  Tracker newer poems would probably be a lot easier than finding older ones.
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