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Tuesday Yardening

Today is sunny and warm, but not sweltering.  I went out and gathered seeds of blackberry lily, northern sea oats, and thistle from the wildflower garden and planted them in the prairie garden. That involved reaching down into tall dry grass, so now I have scratches all over my forearms.  :/

Yesterday I watered plants and planted some blue flower bulbs in the goddess garden and wildflower garden.

The squirrels have been out nutting.  There are broken walnut hulls all over the yard.  I've seen one squirrel on the hopper feeder and several running around the yard.  They are fun to watch.

EDIT 9/26/17 -- I went back out and gathered more wildflower seeds to plant.  Blackberry lily and some yellow thing went into the prairie garden.  Prairie onions went around the edge of the septic garden.

The warm air of the savanna is thick with the scent of fallen leaves, spicy and rich.  They crunch and whisper underfoot as I walk. Autumn is coming.
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