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Emotional Trauma Care in Houston

This is the first example I've seen locally of emotional trauma care, rather than just emotional first aid. There's a Psychotrauma Unit out of Israel coming to help Houston in the wake of hurricane flooding. It's a volunteer service, but working at professional level: "The unit’s 200 or so members include medics, psychiatrists, psychologists and social workers who are trained by some of Israel’s leading experts on the psychology of crises."  

That's a useful distinction between emotional first aid, which most people can learn; and emotional trauma care, which requires more advanced training.  The idea is to provide support that reduces the risk of permanent injury, teach coping skills to help people through a crisis, and let them know what symptoms mean trouble and it would be advisable to seek further help.  I suspect that a good listener and some practical resources will knock down the rate of PTSD just because the keystone risk factor is feeling helpless; if you can stop that, it's like cooling a burn, it slows or halts the damage rate.

Tikkun olam, Israel, today you're doing it right.
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